The Importance of Email Marketing

The Importance Of Email MarketingEmail Marketing is one of the most effective strategies in the online marketing industry. Millions of people are sending, receiving, and opening email’s every hour of the day. The power of a strong geo-targeted email list is a great asset and should never be overlooked when implementing online marketing strategies for your practice. The statistics provided below show some interesting results on how emails are incredibly important, powerful, and an effective marketing tool.

“Exact Target” email research survey:

  • 66% of online Americans reported making a purchase due to an email from a brand (compared to 20% via Facebook and 16% via text message).
  • 44% reported preferring emails when seeking deals (compared to 43% preferring brand websites, 6% preferring search engines, and 4% preferring Facebook)
  • 77% reported preferring email for permission based marketing messages (compared to 9% preferring direct mail, 5% preferring text messaging, 4% preferring Facebook, and 2% preferring telephone calls)
  • 63% reported preferring email for sharing content (compared to 33% preferring Facebook)
  • 90% reported using email at least weekly

The most important question you have to ask yourself here is how many of these people are receiving email’s promoting the products and services offered at your practice? If the answer is none, you need to re-evaluate your current marketing strategies and implement Email Marketing with it. If you do have Email Marketing already implemented however, it’s vital to know the 4 most important things to look out for while running your email campaigns.

1. Using a Reputable Email Marketing Provider

There are a bunch of Email Marketing providers available in the market place. You need to determine through some research and due diligence which is the best option for you and your practice. Here at Rx Medical Web we recommend and use Mail Chimp for all our clients. Mail Chimp is a great Email Marketing provider with a ton of amazing out of the box tools and it’s all available to you for an affordable price.

2. Email Template Formatting

Proper email template formatting is very important when sending out your email campaigns. You need to make sure your emails are compatible with all available email providers. This will help increase conversion rates so when potential clients open these emails they always see a nicely formatted template and not just a bunch of plain text.

3. A High Converting Subject Title

Proper written subject titles are also something you have to look at when having an effective campaign. It is the first thing people read that determine whether or not they want to open that email and continue reading. The subject title needs to be relevant to what you’re sending, not spammy, and you will see higher response rates.

4. Current Content and Promotions

All emails that are sent out should always have new and up to date content as well as some kind of promotion to help boost your conversion rates. With most market places being competitive, people will be more likely to click through on something they are getting a deal or promotion on rather than just a strictly informational email.

Above I have explained to you the 4 most important things to look for with your email marketing campaigns. The thing to remember here is how beneficial a properly implemented email marketing campaign can be to help grow your practice.  That is why here at Rx Medical Web we have a dedicated team to help create and effective email marketing campaign for you and your practice with a maximum return on ROI.

Contact one of our Email Marketing Specialists today to get more information on how we can help you.