Search Engine Marketing

Best practices of Search Engine Marketing for your needs

Sometimes, in crowded markets, a sound SEO/SEM plan is not enough. A paid advertising strategy may need to be implemented. We can set it up for you and show you how to create your own ads, place bids on specific keywords and maintain your own account, or we can manage it for you.

The Benefits:

  • High Rankings on the Search Engines means more visibility and more traffic
  • Cost Effective
  • Highly targeted traffic
  • Marketing to the world wide web
  • Passive, Ongoing Marketing to potential patients
  • High ROI


Search Engine Marketing

Google™ Pay Per Click – One form of Search Engine Marketing that is available for medical practice’ marketing is Google™ Pay Per Click. Also known as paid advertising this form of marketing is extremely effective. When implemented, your medical website link will appear in the upper, shaded section of the results page. This is a strategy to allow your website instant visibility on the search engines. When a consumer types in a keyword on the internet, i.e. Botox Fort Lauderdale, your website will appear in the upper shaded portion of the results page and instantly visible to potential patients. Each time a consumer clicks on your website and is directed to your website, a portion of your budget is allocated. We typically recommend a starting budget of $300, which is paid to Google™. It is important to have your Pay Per Clicks set up correctly. Our Director of Marketing is certified by Google™ to set up and manage Pay Per Click campaigns. Think of a stock broker managing your portfolio. Pay Per Click management is similar.Facebook Marketing – Facebook Pay Per Clicks – Facebook recently created this option for business owners. This form of marketing is also very effective and considerably cheaper than Google™ Pay Per Clicks. Our team utilizes all online options available.

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