Youtube Marketing Tips for Your Practice

YouTube is, of course, the monster of video-sharing where users so they can upload, view and share all and almost any videos they want. These videos run the gamut from highly mainstream advertisements and TV or movie content, to independent online “shows,” to incredibly niche and detailed takes on any subject imaginable. Indeed the point of Youtube is that it can be about anything that a person may have the need to film and share. This is why the power of the medium cannot be overstated: Everything, from a funny video of a dog chasing his tail to a video about a medical procedure you perform at your offices, can find an avid audience with the right approach. Since it was started in 2005 by three previous employees of the PayPal online payment service (and eventually swallowed up by Google) Youtube has been a constantly growing internet powerhouse and reaches over 800 million people each month.

If you have a medical office or medical business YouTube marketing for doctors is a great tool to promote and advertise services, run ongoing informational features or make announcements about hours or staff changes at absolutely no cost. While certainly any serious advertising budget should allocate money for a youtube marketing strategy and other online activity, an “amateur” video that provides valuable information can still be extremely successful without costing a penny. Every week, over 100 million people perform a social action (tweeting, liking, etc) on youtube, which makes it a direct boost to the social profile of a practice. The format is also perfect for personal branding, allowing practitioners and their staff to produce content that favorably defines their business in the community. According to Youtube’s marketing statistics 500 years of video are watched every day on Facebook, and over 700 videos are shared on Twitter each minute!

YouTube can effectively be used to showcase a physician’s expertise in their medical field as well as their leadership and role as a community resource. One typical way to do this is by recording and uploading any public presentations or talk given, be it to students or colleagues. Then there are patient video testimonials, an invaluable tool when it comes to convincing prospects. Videos of various procedures are also a great way to provide unique, and thus valuable, content with minimal effort. For those interested in taking things a little further, branded explanations, short informational clips and more in-depth patient education can be leveraged to really make a name for oneself online.  A vital part of any Youtube strategy is to actively engage with the community s by leaving comments and uploading video responses to videos on topics related to your business or industry. A few extra minutes spend doing this can mean the difference between online fame and e-obscurity!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine how many a video is worth. Showing off just how effective your practice is at helping patients with weight loss, their dental work, or any other type of procedure through a video is far more effective than just saying it or putting it in writing. In an instant, something like a before and after video conveys both the reality of results and the ease and availability of a needed or desired service. Do not be left behind, Youtube marketing can be a huge asset to your practice and RX Medical Web has the tools and experience to help you develop and deploy a great Youtube campaign.