Win A Free Medical Website

WIn a free medical websiteWhy are you giving away a completely free medical website?

RX Medical Web has years of experience developing highly customized medical websites for a wide range of healthcare practitioners. For us, one of the most fun and rewarding parts of this process has always been the joy and elation that doctors and their staff always express when they finally see their new medical website go live. Maybe we are old-fashioned, but in an industry that is sometimes relentlessly numbers-driven, we love seeing fellow hard working medical professionals enjoy the simple pleasure of getting a beautiful new medical website that speaks to their aesthetic taste and will stand as a lasting public asset for their practice and help them get more patients.

Hence, because we truly do enjoy creating great new medical sites, and further sharpening our website design and development skills in the process, we have decided to give away a free medical website to one lucky doctor or practice! In order to do this, we have set up a special “Share to Win” contest which adds a fun and dynamic element to set this apart from garden variety sweepstakes. The winner will receive one of our premium websites which come loaded with features optimized for the medical industry and incorporate market tested designs proven to drive conversions and generate new patient leads. If, like so many doctors, you are wondering how to get more patients into your practice, this free medical website is about as good a solution as you will find.

Why should I want a new medical website?

The truth is that to get more patients, medical practitioners need to be discoverable through online searches. Only by raising their internet visibility, through a medical website and associated online social media profiles, can anyone expect the vast majority of prospective patients in their area to ever be able to find them. In the year 2012, If you are not easily found and researched on Google, you are effectively almost invisible. A brand new, free medical website is just the way to turn this situation around (and without spending a penny) by providing the practice or physician with a unified online portal that, when properly optimized by our medical SEO experts, will show up on the first page of Google for a range of related local searches. You will quickly discover that it is much easier to get new patients when they can actually find you and get to know who you are from the comfort of their own home. This free medical website can take any doctor from relative obscurity, to the monitors, iPads and smartphones of thousands of local people who are already searching for their services!

So, how do you win a new medical website? It’s really very simple, all you have to do is enter the contest (we just need your name and email so we can contact the winner) and then you can easily share it with friends and colleagues who may be interested. Why should you share? Well, you see, every time that someone enters the contest through your shared link, the system will automatically award you 10 additional entries! There are no limits to how many extra entries you can get in this way, so if you share a lot and get many others to join, you can dramatically tilt the odds in your favor. Think of it as having dozens or even hundreds of tickets with your name on it in a raffle drum; obviously its not a guarantee, but you sure have a much better chance that with just one ticket.

We have never done a contest like this before and we don’t plan on doing it again anytime soon so this is probably your only chance to win an awesome new medical website for free. You don’t have to buy anything and there is no catch, just a simple contest and a great prize. If you feel like your medical practices is not doing as well as it could and you are struggling to get more patients, then a new, high quality medical site is a sure way to improve your situation. Even if you already have one and are happy with it, this free website can be an additional portal to complement your existing one and help you get twice as many new patients. You really have nothing to lose and a beautiful free medical website to win, so enter now!

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