Info-graphic: Why You Need Online Medical Marketing

There are still some skeptics out there who do not think that they need internet marketing for their medical practice or even so much as a good medical website. They think that most of their customers find them through different mediums or that there isn’t a big enough online market to justify the cost. To combat these arguments, we have made a small info-graphic using statistics gathered last year by the highly reputable Pew Research Center.

As the data clearly shows, more and more people of all ages are finding answers to their health care questions on the internet. For any doctor or medical organization to neglect this trend is to hamstring itself in the worst and most foolish way possible. Proactive providers in every market are busy building modern medical websites and harnessing the power of blogs and social media to engage with their patients like never before, bringing in good will and great revenue. Those who continue to ignore the elephant in the chatroom will be left in the dust before too long.