What CMS (Content Management System) is right for me?

The Importance Of A CMS (Content Management System)

What Is A CMS (Content Management System)

A CMS (Content Management System) is a very popular platform used in most modern websites today. CMS’ are used to manage blog post, content pages, videos, and image within a website. Before CMS’ if you wanted to make a change to something as simple as a phone number and you had your contact information on every page, you would literally need to edit every single publicly viewable page where the number was listed. Built in with most of the popular CMS’ to date you have the ability to store dynamic content that can be placed where needed but can allow fast and responsive editing within seconds.

Most CMS’ such as WordPress are open source. Which means they are FREE, have great support forums to help you with any questions you may have, and a ton of already pre-built plugins and themes. Choosing a CMS is a great start for the foundation of your website and provides great out of the box features that can be used instantly. Below I have detailed some different CMS’ and some of their advantages:

The Different Types Of Content Management Systems

There are many different CMS’ to choose from all with different capabilities. The most important question here is which one is the right one to use for your new website? Below are the most popular used CMS’ on web today with brief descriptions about how there are used and what they can do to create a better online asset for your business.

  • WordPress:

    • The most popular and powerful CMS on the web today
    • Very user friendly, and GREAT for SEO. “Did i mention Google loves WordPress”
    • A complete CMS as well as full blogging platform
    • Millions of FREE pre-built plugins
    • Very light-weight
  • Drupal:

    • Second most popular CMS on the web
    • Not as User-friendly as WordPress, more for intermediate users
    • Great Plugins and Support available
    • SEO Friendly
  • Joomla:

    • Another very popular CMS
    • Quite an advanced CMS in terms of functionality
    • Not as SEO friendly as Drupal or WordPress
    • More for intermediat/advanced users
    • Most Plugins are not FREE
  • Magento:

    • Built specifically for Eccommerce websites
    • Very complex for the end-user “HUGE learning curve!”
    • Very expensive to maintain
    • Not completely FREE

We Specialize In WordPress!

Here at Rx Medical Web we prefer WordPress to develop our clients medical websites. Not only do we feel and know it is the best CMS option on the web, but our developers are hand picked and specialize in WordPress as well. WordPress also allows us to make dynamic, responsive and scalable websites to grow with any business.

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