The Value of Social Media Marketing

With the time and cost of traditional Medical Marketing, you might think you are set. You have your email lists, brochures, newsletters and website readily available to your patients. That’s all you need, right? Wrong. If your marketing approach only grazes the Internet world by featuring a website, and maybe a few blog posts, you are missing a vital opportunity beneficial to both you and your patients by not utilizing social media sites that are readily available.

Forrester research explains the relationship between humans and the Internet best by stating, “Going online isn’t something we do, it’s something we are. And it’s changing the way we experience the world.” With the time it takes to develop and maintain useful social media sites, it is easy for physicians dismiss them altogether. However, in a world where patients can manage their healthcare online, and access medical records with a simple sign-in, Social Media Marketing is imperative. Social Media Marketing has become the ‘bedside manner’ of the Internet generation. While your practice can survive without it, adding social media networks to your Medical Marketing campaign will only establish higher trust with your patients who recognize the extra time and effort you are giving to your work.

Social Media Marketing steps into an evolving presence of Medical Marketing on the web, creating a connection between the patients’ time spent on the website to their time spent in the office. While a website is crucial to your practice, it does not create the viral presence needed in today’s web-driven world. Social Media Marketing allows opportunity for a daily connection to patients, strengthening the overall doctor-patient relationship. It is critical for patients to have the chance to connect with their physician online. Nearly 94 percent of users indicate social media increases a brand’s image, and 77 percent of users are more likely to buy from a company whose CEO has a presence on social media, translating to higher respect for a physician who is engaging on social networks.

If you still are not convinced of the value of Social Media Marketing, take a look at medical giants such as the Mayo Clinic, whom recently created The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media when it grasped the opportunity to use the popularity of social media to spread important medical news, raise awareness for chief healthcare issues and reach out to patients who are constantly on Twitter, Facebook and other highly visible networks.

With 92 percent of all U.S. businesses using social media, you do not want to be late adopting this emerging trend. Your patients are becoming increasingly accustomed to receiving useful information pertaining to all areas of their life with the click of a button, so don’t think their expectations lower when it comes to their healthcare. If anything, with the continuous integration of the Internet into everyday life, their expectations will only rise. Don’t miss this opportunity to provide your patients with this valuable tool.

In today’s world where being online is as much a part of our everyday routine as brushing our teeth, it is vital for a business to have an established online presence. With the acceptance of this, it is becoming increasingly easier to find companies who are experts in the field, such as RX Medical Web, who can do everything from create to maintain your social networks for you, providing more time for your patients. It is time to make Social Media Marketing an integral part of your Medical Marketing campaign.