The use and importance of Social Bookmarking

Have you ever e-mailed a friend or family member and sent them a link to a website you thought they might find interesting? If so, you have participated in social bookmarking. Social bookmarking is a method for users to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks online. In other words it is saving bookmarks to a public Web site and “tagging them with keywords.  With the key word tags that you insert into your page it becomes categorized and is causes it to be easily classified when doing future online searches. When you share bookmarks with other users, these can also be distributed all over the web and can even be detected by search engines. When people search for products or services online, they may come across an article you shared on a social bookmarking site. If they enjoy it, they may connect to your website for similar articles or information. In today’s advances in technology and social media, social bookmarking has begun gaining greater popularity than before. With the arrival of social media and social marketing, many medical practices are now relying on social bookmarking to boost their company’s products and services.

For better understanding about the working of social bookmarking, you must first understand its importance. People are very familiar with the concept of social bookmarking but are not aware of using it as a very powerful marketing strategy for driving some good traffic to the website. There are many important advantages for medical practices. First of all a high traffic and many regular users are being attracted by the social bookmarking sites. It means that the information contained in them gets a better positioning on the websites. Also, there are links to their own blogs or websites if they are posted to various social bookmarking sites. They can surely create back links to their medical website. Inbound links are valued by the search engines because it is an indication of the popularity of the site and the search engine positioning can also be increased. Specific medical pages or entire medical websites can be bookmarked by the users across the globe. The competition and popularity has risen to a great extent and the services have a lot to offer more than just rating and sharing bookmarks. People are able to export, import, comment, add notes, email links, reviews, feed subscription, automatic notification, and create social networks and groups. Social bookmarking and social news allow you to specifically target what you want people to see. Instead of going into a search engine, typing something in, and then searching for that needle in a haystack, you can quickly narrow down the items you want them to look at.

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