The Key to Success is Sharing

Internet Marketing in Healthcare, and other areas is still a puzzle for many, and throughout the existence of Search Engines, and Search Engine Optimization itself,  the main phrase was always “Content is King” , and that still holds true to this day. But it is really hard for many to grasp the concept of quality content, and for that reason, some professionals will fail in the online marketing game.

How to make sure my content is quality content?

Topical Content: Content should always be updated, and in order to do that, the writer needs to be always in tune with the latest developments. In Healthcare there’s always a new study to be reported, so your content should reflect that.

Easy to Read: Readability is an issue specially amongst Healthcare professionals, and I’m not only talking about a doctor’s handwriting. Even  though your content is medical try to refrain from medical jargon and technical terms, as your main target audience are your patients and not other healthcare professionals.

Interesting Content: The concept of being interesting varies from one to another, and that is where a good understanding of your target audience comes in handy.  Many Physicians, Nurses, and Aesthetician, don’t have a clear understanding of who the majority of their patients are. Or perhaps they want to target a different demographic but don’t know how to. It is important to always know your patient’s or target patient’s behavior and interests.

Shareable Content: The more interesting and unique the content is more likely it is to be shared, and spread around the internet. It is very difficult to make a piece of content go viral, but when it does it is one of the most valuable assets your website could have. Try to always “break the story”, or write about something that was never heard of before. Some medical topics, such as diabetes, cancer, etc., are some of the top searched keywords on the internet, and are more likely to be shared either through social media outlets, email or bookmarking sites.

When will my content get shared?

If you have already made sure that your content has all the traits of quality content, you can help trigger the sharing of it by starting to share it yourself. Post the page or the blog on your Facebook Page, email it to your friends, or talk to your Internet Marketing Account Manager about how to make that content more visible. A thorough optimization of the article in hand will ensure that search engines pick up that content and make it visible to others.