The Importance of Facebook for Businesses

Want it or otherwise not, Facebook will likely be a perpetual fixture within the social landscape for a long time. For many people, Facebook is social networking. Businesses need to understand to adapt to that reality and leverage Facebook’s ability to connect individuals to expand their hands. The majority of the corporate heavyweights already have accepted this fact and administer Facebook pages for their brands. However, it is possible to plenty of holdouts who haven’t hopped on board. There are some extremely important reasons why they ought to do so immediately.

800 Million Users

Over the next couple of years, Facebook will be able to boast a billion registered users worldwide. For all those keeping score in your house, that’s nearly one-seventh of the population of the globe. As such, there’s no longer powerful method to raise knowledge of a company’s brand and connect with current and potential future customers. By not fielding a simple Facebook company profile page, many businesses are missing out on untold millions in revenue that may have been attained through the use of social marketing. With Facebook’s website hosting numerous profile pages, the advertising choices are virtually endless.

Catching A Rising Star

While Facebook’s income and profit numbers are actually impressive, the fact of the matter is that they’re really just starting out. The real potential of Facebook so far as targeting consumer demographics through intelligent social interaction and advertising has not yet been realized. They haven’t yet expanded into social search, and their sharing and monetization systems are nevertheless massively underdeveloped in comparison with their possible scope. If a company is under the impression that they’ve missed the boat on profiting through Facebook interaction, they’re sorely mistaken.

Social Interaction Breeds Trust

People have a tendency to purchase from companies they inherently respect and trust. While it’s not really easy to produce a personal, one-on-one relationship with a corporation, Facebook can go quite a distance in humanizing companies in the eyes of customers. If the average consumer’s expectations are vastly exceeded by the company, they sometimes share that with their peers. In some cases, the result is an organic viral campaign that wasn’t even planned. Facebook and other social sites are a cheap method to generate instant credibility within the right conditions.

The Reason to Use Facebook

A newly released survey indicated that 67% of companies polled won’t be investing in social media in 2012, despite the fact that 88% acknowledged the possibility value of such an investment. That’s a shame, as Facebook’s capacity for customer outreach and business to consumer interaction is just increasingly becoming fully explored.

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