The Importance of Buttons, forms and Strong Calls to Action on your website

Whether you are trying to convert targeted visitors to clients, or curious web surfers to customers, the recipe you will usually need to follow when constructing your landing page is the same: that is, you must strive to have a clear call to action on your web page. Calls to action are clear indicators inviting the user to do something, whether it is interacting with your site or getting in touch with you, being explicit about the actions you want the user to take is crucial to the effectiveness of your medical website design.

We use the term “primary call to action” to refer to the most important action which you would like any person viewing that page to perform. Usually the ultimate goal is to get them to get in touch with you. Most users will rather fill out a web form than pick up the phone to reach you, so it is important to design a user experience that will ultimately be pleasant and take less steps for them to achieve your ultimate goal.

There are also other levels of call to action types which are sometimes referred to as “secondary call to action” these are lower down on the importance scale when compared to the primary call to action. The primary call to action is the ultimate goal of your landing pages and it defines the purpose of why a consumer went to your site to be gin with. A primary call to action should generally be represented by some kind of button or form although this is not strictly always the case.

Consumers surfing the Internet seem to be drawn to buttons and people are almost instinctively compelled to click them if they feel that the situation calls for it or the information provided will be helpful to them. The more visually appealing the call to action is the more likely it is to be clicked. It is important however to remember that crowding your website with calls to action that conflict with each other and look completely different from one another, will generally turn the user off and cheapen the value of any well designed web page.

This is why well designed websites and strategically placed buttons and forms are often the best tools you can employ for your primary call to action and conversations.