The importance of Blogging

While Facebook and Twitter are important social platforms, strong social media campaigns go the extra mile and look at additional options to firmly establish a strong presence online. Engaging with your customers on a regular basis is one of the most important things for your business. Social media provides an excellent avenue for that. Blogging serves as a foundation to this strategy, and here’s why:

Blogs generate interest

Countless blogs are being sent every day, more and more people are using this as an essential marketing tool. Adding articles and giving updates on relevant news can attract a lot of people’s interest if done right. If your content is of interest to them, they’ll become curious about you, and go to your social networks and ultimately to your website.

Blog posts are meant to be shared on social media

Interesting posts are shared with other people, be sure you have social media buttons up on your website. These are essentially your call-to-action buttons, these buttons give people the option to share your posts on their own profile (this is the new word of mouth communication) in a recent marketing study 62 percent of respondents view blogging as critical for business.

Blogs spread ideas

A well-established blog can help influence an audience. It can get people talking.  When they start conversations, chances are they’re going to do it online –on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or their own blog. Get involved in the buzz that’s how the best social media campaigns do it. Blogs are a great way to become a leading authority on an idea, a service offered or niche. Use them to create content which will attract like minded people.

Bottom line, Blogs create interest in your product or service. A blog will introduce you as an authority resource, A Blog will be circulated to through social media links (the new word of mouth) Blogs will drive traffic to your website…