The Amazing Power of List Building and E-mail Marketing

The Stunning Power of an E-mail List

email marketing and list building

E-mail marketing is peculiar in that while most businesses will make some efforts in this area and admit to its importance, very few will ever realize its true potential. Underestimating the power of list building and e-mail marketing is so common largely because it seems like such a mundane part of what we do online. Everyone checks their inbox a few times a day and it is just not the most exciting of activities, everyone is also well aware of all the spam and of the seemingly minute percentage of relevant e-mails that provoke a click. But it is precisely this highly ordinary quality that makes E-mail marketing so incredibly effective in the right hands: it it an almost universally used medium, it is reviewed multiple times a day, it encourages message selection and it is almost as precisely targeted and information-rich as physical mail while being a whole lot cheaper!

Building a list of client and prospect E-mails is in fact one of the most profitable low effort activities any business can engage in. While it takes some time and there are many workable list building strategies, the resulting list is a long term profit generation tool like no other. One of the best advantages of dedicated list building is that E-mail, unlike paid search ads or banners on websites, sticks around for quite a while, even possibly forever. While display ads have lifetimes measured in seconds, people usually keep their primary email accounts, and the messages in them, for years. This gives an E-mail list tremendous longevity and grants your messages permanence and searchability that no other online marketing medium can quite match. The trick usually lies in developing the right high conversion opt-in system.

The E-mail marketing campaigns that RX Medical Web creates for physicians are not just a great way to promote offers and discounts, they also allow them to keep in touch with patients and pass along to them informative content that builds trust and brand value. An E-mail from a good friend will always get a read, it is the job of any smart business to become just such a friend. The more is offered to the E-mail list subscribers, the more valuable this list becomes and the greater its power to generate profit practically on demand. Be it newsletters, free E-books, exclusive discounts or special prizes, effective list building is all about generating excitement for your E-mails so that your message is always received by a captive audience.

List Building Tips

Advanced List Building Strategies 

A growing medical practice needs to expand its E-mail list to match and ideally outpace the growth of its expenses as this is such a reliable way to control revenue flow through well timed promotions. In order to do so successfully, its is essential that it combine its off-line list building strategy (making sure to get every patient’s email and keeping a current spreadsheet) with an active online strategy that leverages existing lists, online properties and social media contacts to constantly add new subscribers. This may seem like a daunting task to some, but it can be done and we have developed and tested a number of methods to bring this amazing E-mail list building power to our clients!