Using Social Media Networking to Promote a Medical Website

The growing importance of online social media networks is hard to ignore for any business or profession. With more than 700 million active members of Facebook alone, it has become a powerful global communication tool that is compelling professionals and businesses to sit up and take notice. Social media outlets  as a part of your medical website design are great tools for marketing your medical practice and services.

Cultivate a Social Media Community

Once the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service provider sets up social media accounts for physicians on leading networks such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or others, the doctor gets an effective medium to reach out to potential patients directly. We know that as a medical professional, you are very busy, and it may not be possible for you to find out time to engage closely or interact personally with a lot of potential patients, except at the office during a consultation.

However, with social media as a part of your medical website design, medical practitioners can simply send out  relevant, informative, and useful message everyday on the social media account, and it can reach out to all the members of the community. Good messages spread like a virus and the doctor’s online community can grow quickly with a large number of followers and members. Any useful announcements or events or latest medical news can also be disseminated to a large audience with just the press of a button.

Interface between Your Medical Website Design and Social Networks

The doctor’s custom medical website design and social media network accounts can be integrated with each other. This can help the visitors to the doctor’s site to join the social online community, and also encourage online network members to visit the website. It helps to improve targeted traffic of potential patients to the doctor’s website.

As the doctor’s website gets quoted and referenced on various social media networks, it will get noticed by the search engines. It will enhance the SEO value and page rankings of the website, thereby providing excellent online exposure for the doctor’s practice. Search engines recognize the growing importance of social media networks, and no professional website should ignore this key SEO parameter.

Personalized Interaction

The biggest benefit of social media networking is that it allows the doctor to reach out to a large number of patients in an informal, friendly, and personalized online environment. Potential patients are keen to know about the doctor’s profile and personality. They also have a variety of concerns and queries about the treatments and procedures offered by the doctor.

Social media interaction allows the doctor to address the concerns for a wide audience, while maintaining a very personalized appeal through this process. Patients are able to make informed decisions about their choice of treatment and the choice of their doctor. Doctors can use this marketing strategy to great effect by presenting an attitude of personal care and attention for their patients.


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