Social Media Marketing- The interactive puzzle piece to success

“One in five Americans use social media websites as a source of healthcare information, according to National Research Corp.’s Ticker survey, which bills itself as the largest, most up-to-date poll on consumer healthcare opinions and behaviors. The survey found that 94 percent of respondents have used Facebook to gather information on their healthcare, 32 percent used YouTube, 18 percent used Twitter and MySpace and 2 percent used FourSquare, a location-based website” – Health Care IT News

Imagine Social Media Marketing as a way to not only gain clients but to keep your current ones in the know of your latest services, events and to maintain the relationship that keeps them coming back to you.

Word-of-mouth has always been spoken from one person to the next, making it a powerful marketing tool, but unfortunately, it could only travel as fast as the spoken word. In the current digital era, words can travel fast across the Internet at the speed of light. Word about your business and its services can spread to millions of people because of Social Media.

Whether you are just starting your own practice or you are an already established, accomplished physician; creating a good social marketing campaign could turn your business into more revenue, getting your business known not only within your community but worldwide.

The value of social media as a tool to help bring your business to its maximum potential is priceless. Social Media is a way to engage your patient´s community, creating awareness of your brand, line of services, and opening dialog earning their loyalty. Listening to what they have to say could also improve the quality and usage of your services.

At Rx Medical Web the strategy is to create and interlink keyword rich content to distribute across social media websites. We work with your company to develop content that is optimized for highly pointed keywords that are linked back to your website from all the major social media networking websites and portals. This will create both traffic and link value, leading to an increase in search engine traffic & rankings.

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