Success Coaching

Employee/Staff Sales Manual

physician coaching, medical coachingIn today’s competitive market, providing quality medical or aesthetic services, or being a “good doctor” is not an effective means of marketing your practice by itself. Ironically, having effective marketing in place may offer significant financial rewards even for the marginal physician practice.

Effective marketing involves more than just placing an advertisement. Having a well trained, enthusiastic staff is one of the most crucial elements for practice success. Your employees are your “front line” and your success is dependent on their exceptional sales and customer service skills.

Even with employees who have the best intentions, without proper training they are ill prepared.

In response, Rx Medical Web has prepared a comprehensive training manual for all your employees who come in contact with patients. This training program, “Fundamentals for Your Employee” is part of the Practice Marketing Kit, and is provided at no additional cost. This highly effective tool will help your staff learn to become the exceptional sales force that you’ll need to grow your practice and attract new patients.

Physician Consulting

medical coaching, physician training
Coaching has become more and more popular for successful individuals. Top entrepreneurs and executives work with coaches to maximize the results they want to achieve.

With Rx Medical Web’s Practice Marketing Kit, we’ve included coaching with our highly credentialed physician staff. These physicians have varying specialties and are available through phone support. For medical questions, advice on technologies, and equipment, you’ll have a staff of experienced physicians as your coach.

Business (MBA) Consulting

Our business staff is comprised of an experienced MBA, Rx Medical Web’s Director of Finance, and Director of Marketing. This team has worked with Rx Medical Web for over 5 years and helped directly develop over 200 medical and aesthetic practices. Business consulting includes support for a variety of business and marketing matters. Our business team works daily with our physicians to help them optimize their practices.

With so many consultants claiming to be experts and charging a premium for their consulting time, how do you know who to trust? Ask for testimonials. Never mind what claims or promises are made, speak with doctors who have benefited from their services. Rx Medical Web has helped thousands of Physicians become successful in their practices.