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RX Medical Web is a social media marketing company that understands the vital importance of effective social media marketing for doctors and incorporating the latest physician marketing tools and features. Social media services, like Facebook for doctors and Web and e-mail campaigns, are extremely helpful at putting your business on the cutting edge. No matter what business you wish to dominate, social media marketing should be an integral part of your overall marketing plan.

Rx Medical Web has a dedicated team of social media professionals who focus entirely on creating and maintaining your social media networks. We specialize in social media for physicians, social media for medical professionals, internet marketing for doctors, internet marketing for physicians and social media marketing for doctors.

Below are the social marketing services available for you. Please contact us today to find out about our specific options we offer for marketing physicians and social media packages which plan will be serve your business.



Our Social Media Services

  • Facebook Business Fan Page

facebook marketingOur web designers will create an attractive, formidable business Facebook page to match the theme of your website. The website designers at Rx Medical are among the few who develop your social media doctors, physician social media and social media marketing plan and business profile to serve like an actual “mini website” with all the same functionality of a full-blown website.Learn more

  • Facebook Posting

facebook management for physiciansOur social network team will maintain your Facebook page with interesting information as well as engage new clients with information about your services.  If you are not using any type of physicians social media or social media physicians or Social media tools or Social media too, you are missing a huge opportunity.  We show you how to market to physicians utilizing all of the latest features of the Internet and your e-mail account, including how to create a social media blog, Doctors and the impact of using Social Media Twitter for doctors. Learn more

  • Twitter

twitter marketing for physiciansOur team will post to Twitter on a daily basis to keep your clients up to date of your newest offerings and specials available. Part of this service includes “listening” or monitoring Twitter for comments about your company and respond in a way that helps create a “buzz” about your business. Learn more

  • LinkedIn

linkedin marketingAfter creating and listing your business profile, your LinkedIn for doctors account will be updated by our team to help you create new business relationships as well as new customers. Linked In for doctors and Facebook for Physicians have to be two of the most critical social media outlets for you to consider adding to your suite of business services and features. Learn more

  • Flickr

Flickr is a powerful image directory where we post new images about your business. In addition to the social benefits, we also optimize these images for effective SEO results (improve rankings).

  • Bookmarking

When performed correctly, this is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers and significantly improve website rankings with the search engines. Bookmarking spreads information about your services throughout the internet using such sites as Reddit, Delicious, and many others.

  • Blogging/Press Releases/Article writing

Our talented writers will maintain your blog with up to date, interesting information. Depending on the package you select, we write your blogs, press releases and articles, which are essential for customer relations and SEO rankings. In the web world, “Content is King” is important to follow. Learn more

  • Custom Social Media

Above is a general summary of SOME of the social sites and plans we use. Please contact us today to find out specifically how we can achieve optimal results for your business.



Latest Trends in Social Media Marketing

latest trends in social mediaWhen I speak with a physician client about Social Media Marketing, the first thing I tell them is to understand that Facebook is bigger now than even Google. Social Media Marketing includes Facebook and other social websites, but also involves Blogging (writing) content about your services.

It doesn’t matter what your specialty is, i.e. Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Plastic Surgery, the mass of people use Social Media to find health related information. An effective physician marketing program will certainly include social media marketing as well as a blogging campaign in your medical website.

You may not use Social Media Marketing for your personal life, but utilizing this type of outreach is a must to attract new patients.

Our team is proficient at setting up and managing your entire Social Marketing campaign. Our designers can create an eye catching Facebook page as well as Twitter and Linked in. Our marketing team stays current with all the new features that continue to emerge with FaceBook and Social Media. We also set up and manage your Blog page keep your readers current with your services and new offerings.



Groupon – Social Buying Marketing Strategies

Groupon Medical MarketingThere are many “social buying” websites that we utilize for Cash Based practices such as with Aesthetics or Weight Loss. We use different strategies depending upon your specialty, but have generated good results for our clients using social buying effectively. You have to be careful with this type of marketing because if your campaign is not negotiated correctly you will lose profits to the social site.

Groupon is a social media service where multiple people check in to purchase a given product or special. We have seen great success with this tool when offering deals on Laser Treatments. Rx Medical Web can manage your specials and bring an influx of clients to your door.



Why Choose Rx Medical Web?

  • First and Foremost, we specialize in Medical Marketing!

    As a physician owned company, we understand patient treatments and the dynamics of a medical practice.

  • We Care about our Clients!

    We are trusted by well known Public Corporations (i.e PMTI) to create website and marketing programs for their valued clients….. Maybe you should try us as well!

  • We Prove our Results

    Our unique Proprietary Results and Phone tracking system allows you to track your marketing social media for doctors results. Our clients only pay our fees when we achieve FIRST PAGE results for them! See for yourself…… check out our success stories e Prove Our Results

RX Medical Web can help you create the most effective marketing for doctors marketing for physicians plan possible, including blogs, Twitter and Facebook for doctors, and other tools and features to boost your visibility and your bottom line.



Questions about Marketing Pricing?

marketing and design company Our staff is available daily by phone and we are easily accessible. (we even alternate phone calls after hours, like our physician clients) Feel free to contact us at 954-358-2856 or you may complete the form below for a prompt response.