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Family Practice Websites In today’s competitive medical industry, having a modern and informative family practice website is a must to let your patients know that you provide cutting edge technology. Family practitioners know firsthand how competitive this market is. Sometimes simply being the best physician does not help with marketing or attracting new patients.

Internet marketing for family practitioners is one of the best ways to open your practice to new opportunities. An impressive family practice website design scheme, coupled with a strong internet and social media marketing campaign, is a surefire way to acquire new patients. Finding the best website design for a family practitioner sit is easier with RX Medical Web.

Our full time team of designers, programmers and internet specialists work in house, and we do not outsource. The quality of your website is first rate, and we do not use templates; our team works closely with you and your staff to create a website with an attractive, dynamic theme that matches your goals and practice mission.

Your Family Practice Website Features

  • Attractive Website Design
  • Online Patient Education Videos
  • Internet Visibility
  • Convenient Patient Portal
  • Simple Navigation Features



Family Practice Benefits

  • Unique website to match your practice theme
  • Business FaceBook Microsite development (a must for any medical practice. (we create custom pages to match your website)
  • Internet and Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing Campaigns (newsletters written by our physician staff)
  • EMR (electronic medical records) full integration
  • Patient education resources



Family Practice Marketing

Family Practice Website Marketing Most physicians have heard about how effective the internet can be to market their Family Practice office.

In comparison to guerilla marketing like direct mail and print advertising, Internet marketing is the most cost effective way to grow you practice and increase revenue.

At Rx Medical Web we utilize the most current, advanced online marketing strategies available to help you grow your practice and increase internet exposure.

Benefits of Internet Marketing

  • Most successful way to attract new patients and increase revenues
  • Most cost effective form of advertising
  • Create loyalty with current patients
  • Create an online business in the community



Showcased Family Practice Websites

family practice website design

See examples of the results we can achieve for you.

  • Case Studies
  • Success Stories
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Our Portfolio

Take a look at the quality of Family Practice websites and brochures we can create for you.

Family Practice Website Portfolio



Family Practice Website Design

Why not update or modernize your website to create a more professional new look? Our team can help you achieve your desired practice goals. Our designers work very closely with you or your staff to decide on a design scheme that will work best for your practice. These are not standard template sites and are custom built from scratch.

Family Practice Website Features

  • Professional appearance, simple navigation
  • Search Engine Friendly for maximum internet visibility
  • Physician staff to help write content
  • Website maintenance and support
  • Phone support with our staff
  • Bilingual websites



Family Practice Patient Education

Why not provide your patients with an educational video explaining a procedure. Video is a time saving feature for you and is a valuable service for your patients as well.

Your website should not only be an effective marketing tool but also a valuable resource for your patients.

Take a look at the variety of “Specialty Specific” educational videos we have.

Family Practice Patient Education Videos

  • Tonsillectomy
  • Computed Tomography Scanning
  • Conjuctivitis
  • Shingles
  • Pneumonia
  • Mononucleosis
  • Much more…




Sample Conjuctivitis Video

Sample Family Practice Video For more information about our “Specialty Specific” educational videos, contact an Rx Medical Web representative today at 954-358-2856




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