There is a fallacy that SEO salespeople are really just a bunch of
swindlers trying to suck you into their false claims and quackery. But in almost
every industry there are companies or individuals willing to lie and steal in order
to come out on top. We must realize though that supply doesn’t come without
demand; these people wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t clientele willing to buy into
them. Let’s face it, there is greed on both sides of the equation. Companies want
profit, and potential clients want the best and the most for the least amount of
money out of pocket. It only makes sense that money hungry thieves willing to
scam customers will exists, so why should the SEO business be any different?

An SEO company may be able to reel you in by telling you what you want
to hear, claiming they will exceed your wildest expectations in a strangely short
period of time for a cheap $99 package deal. But chances are you will only be
left unsatisfied and angry that you have wasted your money and didn’t get the
right results. To protect yourself from a situation like this, take it amongst yourself
to be proactive. Here are some tips on how to avoid the scams:

Asking the right questions is the first step in selecting the right SEO
vendor. Yes, SEO can get complicated, but don’t let this deter you from
becoming educated on the basics. In addition, familiarize yourself with the
company you may be working with. Research their reputation, both good and
bad, check out their website, and find out how long they have been around for.

Be sure to ask about specific tactics. If the vendor is of quality, they
should be able to show you a mapped out plan of action and explain to you why
they took the approach that they did. This will show you their capabilities as well
as give you some things to check back on in the future to see if they have been
completed. And on that note, make a point to check in with your vendor more
often than not. The worst thing that tends to happen between the vendor and the
client is miscommunication. By ensuring that tasks are being completed you are
also ensuring that your SEO vendor is going in the right direction that’s best
suited for your needs.

To say that there are no risks involved in SEO would be a lie. At the very
least, there is the risk that your money will be spent on something that doesn’t
provide you with results. Additionally, there are risks associated with not being
aware of algorithm updates, and other rules that can change and affect current
SEO methods. It’s important to ask tough questions about topics such as these.

Lastly, always remember to trust your instincts. If something sounds a bit
ridiculous, or too good to be true, it probably is. The industry is at large, meaning
there are plenty of other vendors out there. If something seems iffy, inquire within
other SEO companies until you feel comfortable and sure that your money is
being put to good use.