Promoting your Medical Website with YouTube

YouTube is one of the most user-friendly and effective tools for a medical website design available to physicians to promote their practice. YouTube videos are highly popular and millions of people around the world watch these free videos each day. However, despite the immense popularity of YouTube, a majority of doctors are unaware of its power to promote their practices. Experienced online marketing professionals can guide doctors how to leverage this free medium to their advantage.

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Demonstration through Video

Doctors can use YouTube videos as an effective aid to show how a particular procedure is performed. Patients prefer know about a procedure in detail in order to make an informed decision about their choice of treatment. Videos, images, and graphics can be used to communicate more effectively with potential patients. One of the key goals of medical marketing must be to disseminate useful, relevant, and latest information among potential patients. This type of marketing is not nearly as expensive as buying commercial spots on TV, can be more affective, and can reach more people. This new phase of advertising should be embraced and utilized.


The doctors can use videos as an effective support tool in their medical website design to explain procedures in detail. YouTube videos can include the website address and location of the doctor’s practice. Therefore, as long as the video remains in circulation on the Internet, it can continue to promote the doctor’s website. The same videos can also be included in the medical website design to create a more content-rich site for the visitors.

Before and After VideosYouTube Video

The effectiveness of certain medical procedures, particularly cosmetic procedures, can be best explained with the help of before and after images and videos. Such images are commonly available on doctors’ websites. However, if the doctor can include actual videos of consenting patients, it can provide a more comprehensive perspective for new patients. Such innovative videos can be included in the doctor’s medical website design as well as distributed over YouTube. It can prove to be a valuable resource for potential patients, and promote the doctor’s practice at the same time.

SEO Benefits

Good quality YouTube videos can get quoted and linked to a number of social media networking sites, general medical websites, health related blogs, and online discussion forums. This can result in higher SEO value for the doctor’s website. Search engines tend to give higher rankings to such websites that are quoted frequently on the World Wide Web.

YouTube videos can also include a small presentation about the doctor’s practice, preferably at the very beginning of the video. This can create enormous free publicity for the practice, and help to reach out to new patients in the surrounding areas where the doctor’s practice is located.