Patient Testimonials, Reviews, and Endorsements for a Medical Website Design

Medical practitioners should understand the significance of having patient testimonials and reviews included in their medical website design. A place of prominence must be allotted to patient testimonials and reviews on the doctor’s website. Web designers may present the testimonials on the homepage itself in such a way that they attract the readers’ attention without compromising the aesthetics of the website.


Why do testimonials matter?

Patient testimonials are usually one of the most widely-read sections on any medical website. New or potential patients who visit the website are typically concerned to know about doctor’s personality, expertise, approachability of the staff, track record of performance, and other such factors to make an informed choice. If they hear good words about the practice straight from the doctor’s previous patients, that may be the most convincing and satisfying version for new patients. The best way to sell a business is from the word of mouth from people who will not benefit from such a promotion.

An existing or past patient will speak from a patient’s perspective. He or she will instinctively address most of the natural concerns and doubts that a new patient may have. If the patient’s experience has been good, it can be a very authentic and appealing endorsement of the doctor. It is also an indirect form of promotion, rather than making too many self-promoting claims.


Online Patient Reviews

Some large websites invite doctors to list their practices, which can be reviewed online by their patients. An internet marketing plan can help the doctor to list on such reputed third party websites. If the doctor is confident about receiving positive reviews, it can be a powerful endorsement and publicity for the doctor’s practice.

Positive patient reviews on such high-traffic websites can bring greater visibility and exposure for the doctor’s practice. Many new patients will tend to visit the doctor’s website through the link provided on the third party site. This can help to drive targeted traffic to the doctor’s website, and it can also help to improve its search engine rankings.


Third Party Endorsements

Professional medical website design and internet marketing companies, like RX Medical Web, can put the doctor in touch with several medical agencies, publications, and websites connected with the profession. Such networking can help the doctor’s practice to receive positive comments and endorsements from medical associations, private groups, and publications.

This can add to the doctor’s stature, and such endorsements can be highlighted prominently on the doctor’s website. It helps to generate more confidence about the doctor in the minds of potential patients, and allows them to make better informed decisions in regards to choosing which doctor’s services are the best for them and their family.