Out of Date Medical Website Designs Have Disadvantages

The internet is full of hundreds of different intricate and beautiful website designs. However, there only a few medical website designs that are as appealing as other types of sites. A vast majority of medical websites still have designs from ten to fifteen years ago and only just a few display any hint of a modern feel to them.

A medical website design with out of date features is missing important structural elements of an effective website and have many disadvantages.

An out of date medical website design generally has a small website width. As a result, there is no place for important information on the website home page. Information cannot be presented in an efficient manner, making your page look cluttered. Viewers will feel like the site was made with early internet technology of the 1990’s. Clients will quickly move on to other websites since they have little interest in sifting through pages of into content. Quick info on the homepage, before getting into content pages, would have sparked interest and kept their attention on your website.

An old medical website design is not welcoming to visitors. Small font sizes are bland and boring, making it unappealing to viewers. Aside of being unattractive, it limits the ability for the physician or practice to accent important information. Photos, images, and other graphics are noticeably small and of poor quality.

Overall,out of date medical website designs are unprofessional. They are inconvenient and lacking creativity. It is important for physicians and medical practices to update their websites in order for them to appeal to clients that view their site.

There are many medical website design companies that create beautiful and modern sites for a wide range of clients. However, medical websites are not receiving the proper packaging. Medical website design companies, like RX Medical Web, are specifically tailored to catering to medical professionals.

The RX Medical Website Design Team is comprised of talented SEO and design professionals as well as physicians. This combination ensures our clients’ websites will be designed with the medical professional in mind. Our on staff physicians help provide content that will optimize medical websites. Content is not only written correctly, but with correct key words and phrases that will allow your site to be visible when potential clients search in major search engines.


For more information on updating your medical website design, call RX Medical Web today at (954) 358-2856.

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