Medical Website Design for Physicians

To have the perfect medical website design, you need a team of artistic and creative individuals that have vision and insight into what your goals and objectives are. You need a company that employs skilled individuals that will know how to effectively build your website from scratch and making it functional and easy to navigate.

The performance of your website not only depends on the design, but also on specific marketing strategies that will attract the right people. Medical website design for Physicians are most effective when they are designed by experienced professionals.

You want to do business with an internet marketing company that will put a website together by:

  • Consulting with you and going over their website design portfolio. This will enable you to choose an appropriate design and a possible theme
  • Meeting with a project manager to discuss your particular needs and the overall vision of your website.
  • Helping you to choose a theme that matches your personality and customized to your specifications.
  • Putting the final touches on the theme and design that you select. At this stage, you should be asked to provide important information regarding your medical practice. This will include contact information, specialty and treatment.
  • You will also be asked to provide images to upload to your website
  • Continuing to work with the web design and internet marketing team over a specified period of time until you are fully satisfied with the outcome of your website.

Medical website services

Medical Website Design for PhysiciansIf you are a Physician with your own medical practice, it is time to consider taking your business online. However, first you must find the medical website design company that focuses on building, managing, and promoting medical websites for doctors, dentists, and healthcare professionals.

You need a web design team that will be able to create a website that puts the most qualified, informed, and considerate face on your medical practice.

Your medical website design for Physicians should be ready to go live online within thirty days of consulting with the company. However, make sure that your medical website looks good enough to impress your current patients and be able to support your new patients by providing the right information that they are looking for.

Your website should become a direct representation of your medical practice for both potential and existing patients. The content on your website should establish your medical capabilities, emphasize the concern that you have for your patients, and even encourage patients’ assurance in your communicating skills when you meet them in person.

Should you need any assistance in writing these pages, Rx Medical Web Company has the experienced staff members to provide you with exceptional copywriting.

You should always work with a company that you feel comfortable in approaching with your own ideas, goals and objectives. You should be an integral part of the process.

That is what Rx Medical Web Company does with medical website design for Physicians. You will be assigned to a staff member who will keep you informed throughout the process. You will be able to make your own corrections and give your own input.

Most clients only want a basic website while others expect more, but for the most part, you will need to have:

  • A main page
  • A page with a list of services that your provide
  • A page that discusses health conditions and treatment provided
  • A page that gives the location, address, parking instructions, map and directions
  • A page that list your credential including a biography and history of your education as well as your specialty
  • Contact Form


There is enough space on the medical website for multiple pages that could include:

  • List of support groups and where to find them
  • The latest patient forms
  • Medical insurance Information
  • Pre-and Post Surgical suggestions
  • Physician Blogs
  • and much, much more


On your medical website you should also have:

  • Specific images, but not too many
  • Video testimonials
  • An archive for past news, press releases and articles
  • A descriptive profile of your staff members
  • A system to alert you when your newsletter should go out


Medical websites are usually hosted on confidential and dedicated servers. You should be able to directly access your hosting account. In some cases, though, the web design company will host your website on other reliable servers.

However, with a dedicated server, your website visitors will have a better web browsing experience and a faster response time. Most servers are secure and perform 24/7. They also usually have a backup system that is necessary in any online business.

Rx Medical Web Company, unlike many other internet marketing companies, does not hire outside of the company. They keep all of their projects in-house. If you have questions and concerns, you want to have staff that you can easily reach. Not many companies provide this kind of convenience.