Marketing Tips for Your Dental Marketing Campaign!

Are you looking for a new way to promote any upcoming holiday specials for your dental practice? A little extra boost never hurt, plus it brings in new patients and keeps your current ones happy!

Here’s a small list of tips to help get you started with your Dental Marketing campaign:

7 Low-Stress Marketing Tips
Low budget marketing done consistently is better than big budget marketing done sporadically. Commit to these six low stress and low budget activities for great results.

1. Send out newsletters with a special offer for new and inactive clients (also note: the smaller the practice the more frequent the mailing)
2. Send seven personal notes to current practice patients
3. Network through social media sites to develop strategic alliances, with the goal in mind of meeting a minimum of 5-10 new patients per week
4. Make five to ten calls per week to current practice patients, or inactive patients
5. Provide your local paper with personalized human interest stories, articles, letters to the editors, and press releases about upcoming events and workshops in your practice.
6. Be involved in something that you are passionate about in the community And spread the love
7. Create a strong online presence by creating a Facebook business fan page, get involved, create aggressive online campaigns, give tips and advice on current issues, upcoming trends you will be offering, and new advancements currently being practiced in your practice etc. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll gain the attention and recognition of a people right in your hometown community!

When it comes to marketing the options are endless. It’s all about getting creative and putting it out there. I personally love everything to do with marketing because there’s so much untapped wonder and ways to really cause an outpour of getting your business out there! So get you Dental Marketing underway and allow creative juices to flow and materialize into a cash cow in a market where everything is possible!