Local Maps Advertising Drives New Patients to Your Medical Website

Local Map Advertising technology is a key tool in internet marketing for your medical website. It can help to improve connectivity with local patients. A large number of potential patients search for a suitable medical professional through online search engines. They are usually looking for a doctor in their local geographical area. Local Maps Advertising can lead the relevant searchers to your website.


Convenience for the Readers

The most direct benefit of including Local Map Advertising on the doctor’s website is that new visitors to the site can understand the doctor’s office location easily. A local map advertisement, such as that through Google Maps, provides a detailed street map with directions, which makes it simple for a first-time visitor to reach the doctor’s office.

Once the website reader knows exactly how to reach the medical office, it becomes an added reason to choose the doctor’s services over other doctors in different locations. Google Maps also offers the users an online route planner, which helps all types of visitors whether they may visit by a private vehicle, public transport, or even on foot.

Direct Search from Local Maps Advertising

Search engines, like Google, provide listings of maps online. Many people use this to locate services in their local area. If a patient needs to look for a doctor in his or her geographical area, it is possible to check out the online listings of local maps to identify a few choices. Therefore, a potential patient may reach your medical website or office directly by searching via local maps.

SEO Benefits

medical website design that includes Local Maps Advertising are likely to have better search engine optimization. In cases where the Local Maps generate back links and user reviews, the search engine rankings are bound to improve considerably for your medical website. High rankings in Local Map listings can also be achieved if your online map generates references from users on social media networking sites.

What This Means for You

Having a strong and efficient medical website design is part of the first phase of RX Medical Web’s ‘Practice Marketing Launch’ for your medical website.  The process is not complete without a complete integrating of phase 2.  This second phase includes internet marketing, social media marketing, and employee training, all of which combine together to ensure optimum results for your medical website and practice.  Included in the Internet Marketing portion are features like Local Maps Advertising, Local Directory Listings, and Google Sponsored Advertising.


RX Medical Web works with medical professionals to create the best results for their medical practice’s website. Together, we work to create new patient traffic and increase revenue and maintain patient relations through Email Marketing. We create your Employee Sales Mastery Team to ensure all areas of your practice are marketing effectively. By dominating the internet and maximizing exposure for your medical website, we can create first page results on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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