How to stay current with Google and Still See Patients

Medical Internet MarketingSince Google is constantly changing their methods and so called algorhythms, how can i stay current with internet marketing, SEO, and promoting my online medical practice? Im a physician myself and I can tell you first hand thats its not easy. I can also tell you the absolute most important thing to do is to stick to the basics of seo and marketing. Many people who own a business are looking for an easy way to the top. You may have heard about “Back Links” and how important these back links are for SEO and website rankings with the search engines. This is true of course, backlinks are similar to a road map pointing to a location. The mor backlinks your website has the more prominent and more important your website is to the search engines.

You may have also learned about other techniques as well. There are many people, and companies as well, who look for short cuts. Acquiring back links is a process, it is time consuming. Google looks for these backlinks to see how many other people and other websites are referring to you and your website. How many people are “talking about you” online. Using Social Media effectively creates good, quality back links. Posting on your facebook, writing articles and posting these articles on reputable sites like is a great way to acquire quality back links. This is what back links are. This is a process which must be done correctly. Looking for short cuts may create short term benefits but certainly in the long wrong will hurt you. For example, there are many types of software programs out there that automate the process of backlinks. You can actually acquire hundreds and in some cases thousands of backlinks this way. Worse yet, there are companies that consumers will hire who you think are helping you with SEO but actually are using these automated programs. Be careful, in the long wrong your website can have an adverse outcome.

So how do i stay current. The best thing to do is read as much as you can but also have a group of professionals who make it their busy to stay current. In the meanwhile, sticking to the basics, i.e.  writing articles, using social media, NOT using automated software will help tremendously. In the recent Google Algorythm change, Google Penquin, many websites were drastically effected because they had poor quality back links. Those websites with the quality links naturally were not. So while staying current is paramount, at the very list always remember the basics about SEO and dont try to fool Google. Also, find experts who know how to use Social Media and know how to write.

Feel free to call our team with any questions you have about Google changes and SEO. Thank you.