E-commerce Web Design: An attractive & powerful marketing tool for your medical practice.

Rx Medical Web´s E-Commerce solutions is composed of a combination of ingenious E-Commerce technology and expertise in website development and online marketing.

With E-Commerce, your medical practice is bound to  become a trusted online resource for quality products. The amplitude of your business and your website will expand with no inconvenient and no investment, gaining additional revenue and a new way to gain your patient network.

This feature will definitely help your practice draw more patients to your website for the convenience of an online store, while amplifying the sale of these items.

It´s standard to offer skincare products, books, memberships, services or gift cards, and are a safe, convenient option to your practice website.

E-Commerce allows you to:

  • Promote all your products online.
  • Select the item you want to purchase.
  • Transfers that item to an invoice form.
  • Collects Buyer information (name, address, etc.)
  • Collects Shipping information.
  • Automatically calculates your shipping charges.
  • Charges your purchase to your Credit Card.

Each Rx Medical Design´s online store includes a storefront with all of your products listed. You can upload images and descriptions of your products, as well as any other applicable information.

Rx Medical Design offers several e-commerce solutions for customers who wish to sell their products or services on their website.  Our team can integrate a shopping cart into your website, allowing you to offer your patients a safe, reliable experience while shopping at your online store.

The Online Store feature can keep patients coming back to your website again and again. Contact Rx Medical Web for more info.