The Importance of Outsourcing Social Media as a Physician

Unless you have been living under a rock, chances are you know that social media marketing is the newest, hottest trend in medical practice marketing right now. The unserious, fun way of communication that once was a simple website you Read More


The Value of Social Media Marketing

With the time and cost of traditional Medical Marketing, you might think you are set. You have your email lists, brochures, newsletters and website readily available to your patients. That’s all you need, right? Wrong. If your marketing approach only Read More


Why Local Directories are Essential to your Practice

There was a time on the internet where in order to find a website you would have to know the website's URL beforehand. It is now almost 17 years since popularization of the web platform and we see things evolve Read More


Best Free Plugins for your WordPress site

WordPress not only is a great CMS as is "out of the box", it is also great for SEO taking care of almost 80% of the tasks needed for good ranking and it also has a great community behind it Read More


Medical Website Design for Primary Care Physicians

As a physician I am often asked by colleagues about the importance of a medical website design and internet marketing for primary care physicians since physicians believe that the majority of their patients are acquired by referrals and word of Read More


The Importance of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most effective strategies in the online marketing industry. Millions of people are sending, receiving, and opening email's every hour of the day. The power of a strong geo-targeted email list is a great asset and should Read More


Take Advantage of Facebook

There are millions of users on Facebook every day, millions of potential clients for your business using the same website and you have not taken advantage of that? Facebook is an inexpensive way to reach out to current clients and Read More


Modern Approach to Local Internet Marketing

First of all what is “Local” Internet Marketing It is definitely not about searching to hire the local "SEO Guy" in town, with that out of mind lets get started, "Local Marketing" is the process of optimizing your website based on targeted keywords Read More


The Key to Success is Sharing

Internet Marketing in Healthcare, and other areas is still a puzzle for many, and throughout the existence of Search Engines, and Search Engine Optimization itself,  the main phrase was always "Content is King" , and that still holds true to Read More


Using YouTube to help you

YouTube is a video-sharing website that allows the user to upload, view and share videos.  The videos can be about anything that you have the need to film and share.  From a comedic video about a dog deciding to chase Read More


Does your business really need a website?

Often time’s business owners don’t see the value of a website for many reasons, “I have a small business... I don’t need a website.” “I am not selling anything… I don’t need a website.” “My business runs of referrals… I don’t need a Read More


What CMS (Content Management System) is right for me?

What Is A CMS (Content Management System) A CMS (Content Management System) is a very popular platform used in most modern websites today. CMS' are used to manage blog post, content pages, videos, and image within a website. Before CMS' if Read More