Aspects of Medical Website Design

Currently, there is over seventy percent of online doctor-patient interaction. What does that tell you? Medical websites are fast becoming a necessity and there are many physicians and healthcare professionals who are still in limbo about this. This alarming statistic means that many are being left behind. Patient relationship is the key to maintaining a successful medical practice. With that being said, the results of having a medical website designed for your practice will equal patient retention.

No longer can you depend on the yellow pages, advertising inserts or other means of promoting your medical practice. Of course, you can combine all of these with your medical website, but that is the only way that you will experience the success that you want. Most of your patients have a computer or have access to one. Most people will go on the Internet to search for a doctor when they are looking for one.

Your current patients will also access the Internet to search for answers to health issues rather than call your office. Having a medical website with information related to various diseases and their symptoms is a prime way for your patients to feel that you care. It is also a way for your prospective patients to see you as an expert in your medical specialty. Your current patients would prefer to schedule their appointments online rather than make that phone call to your office or an answering service. Why not make it easier for your patients by having a medical website design done for you?

Medical Website Design and more

Now, let’s discuss how you can market your medical practice through medical website design and internet marketing. Make sure that your website is designed in such as a way as to make it easy to navigate. This means that you want to include tabs that are explanatory like “Home Page, About Us, Services, Contact Us, Testimonials, Staff and Medical Issues.” This is as clear as it can get. Your prospective patients and current patients will know exactly where to go to find what they are looking for.

aspects of medical website designConsider your website as your ‘online medical office.’ It is the viable portal that so many people can use to reach you. Be sure that you include all of your contact information including phone number and email addresses on every web page of your medical website.

Include an email capture form so that your visitors can input their contact information. You can use this to build a database. Later, you can email information or discount offers to your current and prospective patients.

You could also include a form that patients can use to schedule their appointments. Email is also another option to consider for scheduling appointments, but make it clear to the patient by making mention of that on your medical website.

Make medical forms easily available for downloading on your website. Ensure the privacy of your patients by putting a disclaimer on your website that their information will not be shared by a third party. The Internet is a place that many unscrupulous people lurk. Make your website secure and safe for your patients.

Other considerations

Patients want to know about their physicians. Introduce yourself on the home page. You don’t have to put your resume, but give your credentials, but be sure to give some personal details about yourself. This will humanize you and the patient will appreciate that.

In the tab that talks about the services that you offer, be sure to indicate your medical specialties. If you work with other doctors, mention theirs too. Always bear in mind that these days, patients are seeking experts and not someone from a general field of medicine.

aspects of medical website consideratioThe testimonials on our medical website will speak volumes about other satisfied patients. This is important and many physicians have excluded it. People want to know what others are saying about you, so don’t leave out the testimonials on your website.

Last, but not least, our medical website design has to be search engine optimized and with fresh content. With this in mind, you will receive top search engine placement and your patients will find you much easier.