A Stellar Plastic Surgery Website Begins With…

Clean Design
A clean design should be the foundation for your medical web site. Your information should not be cluttered and bunched together. Even more importantly, graphic elements are most effective when used sparingly. Your potential customers are not looking for a graphics show; they are looking for information. You want to leave the bells and whistles for the gaming community. In saying this, you want to present the information simply and logically. You want the first time visitor to “get it” and stay as long as possible. The most pertinent information should be placed towards the top of the site, as that is obviously the place the new eye tends to look first. Provide visitors with easy ways to find information deeper into an article or page using anchored texts or links.

Presenting yourself as an expert on your line of services is quite ok, but you want to try and avoid technical language that is overbearing and too over the top. Good web content should be easily accessed. Bullet points, lists, highlighted words, and text boxes all work well for web content. Your headlines should be compelling enough to capture your reader’s attention. Your captions should be engaging. Also your photos and graphics should be relevant and point visitors to the subject of your content.

Professional Look
There should be a consistent and professional look and feel throughout your site. All of your pages including your blog (if you have one) should have the same theme as the main page. In the medical website design world, you want a professional, attractive layout that relays an overall feeling of reliability, credibility, and most importantly makes the potential client feel comfortable. Inconsistent style points and ugly design interrupts your visitor’s focus and doesn’t speak highly of your professionalism. Your site should also be easy to navigate and while it may seem obvious, all of your links should be functional. Broken links are one of the fastest ways to lose potential clients.

Download Time
This is another quick way to lose a new visitor. If your site is bloated with oversized images, is coded poorly, or just plain takes too long to navigate through, you are almost guaranteed that your potential patient will pass up your website. You should also study how you visitors are connecting to your site. Everyone does not have lightning speed Internet and that needs to be taken into account in your design.

All of these key points are critical in building a functional and successful website for your plastic surgery website. You may strongly want to consider professional medical website design specialists, who make it their specialty to maintain your medical site with consistency, professionalism, and efficiency.