5 Ways to Boost Your Online Sales

Everyone loves to go shopping, whether it’s a new fragrance, a new skin care line or the latest electronic gadget. Stores and retailers know that in order to get the sale, they have to dress up their windows to entice the buyer to come in. The next step is to let the customer feel the item, as they would already be wearing it, using it or showing it to their friends. Lastly, if they love it, they will buy it.

However on the online market, the game turns a little more intense and your customers start to get skeptical because they can’t really connect with the product. So this is the game plan.

1. Images – Hire a professional to take pictures. Ask them to take different angles of the products, shoppers like to see it become real. This is how your client will connect with the products.

2. Description – Write as much information as you can regarding the product. Don’t use only what the label says. This is your opportunity to inform your client, that they need this product. You can never have too much information in this area.

3. Options – Make sure you offer different choices for your products. It can be different sizes, colors, or shapes. Include related products and best sellers Choices make the client feel that you are thinking of their needs.

4. Promotions – Create sales and promotions regularly, it will help convert your new customer into an ongoing client. Customers always feel better after they shopped on a sale.

5. Marketing – There are probably clients looking for your products right now, but if you lack an online strategy and the proper tools to combine, odds are you won’t be seen.

As you can see these steps are simple, but they do require some homework on your part.

Before you launch your site make sure all these 5 steps have been addressed, because the first impression on your site is a potential sale, and if you are not prepared you might have lost a client.

By Belen Vallejo – Senior Developer