10 Point Evaluation Before You Market Online

When was the last time you received a call and the customer said I found you on Google? Although social media is making a major mark in driving sales these days, Google and other popular search engines still play a major role in generating and maintaining your online presence. Have you had the time to sit down and really check your visibility? Chances are you have not and even if you did your competitors would be found before you.

Internet MarketingThat’s because day in and day out more business owners are realizing how important it is to be found on the internet and are taking advantage of either a social media or Internet Marketing package. Social Media and Internet Marketing go hand in hand but Rx Medical Web includes some sort of social media with all of our competitive Internet Marketing packages. Internet marketing should not only focus on just online advertising but your overall web presence; from being socially engaged to on-site optimization, pay per click advertisement and e-mail marketing.

One of the first crucial steps to evaluating your website should be to really step back and stop looking at the site from your point of view. Most of the time if you made it you probably really like it; but how well can your visitors find things and really appreciate the time you have put into it? Within our team we have compiled this checklist of questions for when a client comes to us for Internet Marketing help:

  • Is the site well optimized?
  • Is it easy is it to find information on the client’s website?
  • Are they gathering statistics through some sort of web analytics?
  • Is their website built on a CMS or some sort of organized model?
  • Do they have social media integrated into their website?
  • How easy is it to contact them through their website?
  • Is there well written and original content?
  • Have they prevented duplicate content issues within their website?
  • How do they capture leads or entice users to find out more?
  • Are there visible calls to action above the fold?


Answering these questions can always point you in the right direction towards having a good online presence; but keep in mind that maintaining an online presence is a job for itself. Doctors will stick to their jobs as lawyers will stick to theirs and this is why finding the right company to mange your online Internet Marketing presence is important. This way you can continue to focus on your business while the recurring tasks are being completed by a professional and not a brother in law sitting at home making websites for fun.  Having a great looking website and maintaining your web presence will help keep your online business on top so that the next time you sit down to check your online visibility you will be listed before your competitors.

Talk to one of our Internet Marketing specialists if you have further questions about how you can take advantage of our services to grow your online presence today.